Transience is Permanent: the Most Cherished Memories

Digital Archives Art Festival includes digital archives art exhibition and related promotion activities.
The theme of Digital Archives Art Festival exhibition “Transience is Permanent” means to highlight the importance of digital archives. Through digital archives, the significance of time freezes and transforms. People can go beyond the limits of time to understand, to feel and to appreciate different life styles as well as cultural works in the archives.
This year’s Digital Archives Art Festival will invite the prizes-winning work “Khronos Projector” by the Uruguayan digital artist Alvaro CASSINELLI and “WiFi Ephemera Cache” by professor Julian Bleecker from department of Interactive Media, University of Southern California. Regarding local works, there will be “Connected by Traces of Electricity” by TSENG Wei-Hao, “The Specimen of Memory” by HUANG Hsin-Chien, and Ku & Dancers performing “Memory Puzzles”. There will also be two large interactive artworks “Suspending Memory” and “React Memory” that will allow the public to interact with archived collections in Digital Archives Volume 1.
The related promotion activities aim at magnifying the effect of the festival and at hosting events connected with digital archives contents. Artist Alvaro CASSINELLI will hold a workshop based on the films in Digital Archives Volume 1 and his work “Khronos Projector”.
A submission call as well as public vote will be launched to encourage public participation in the festival and the re-creation of the archived collections. These will be combined with press conference, electronic media, online marketing, promotional items and media cooperation so to attract public attention and further the participation in the Digital Archives Art Festival.

Key words: Digital Archives 、Art Festival 、Alvaro CASSINELLI 、Julian Bleecker、 TSENG Wei-Hao 、HUANG Hsin-Chien


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