Tangible Mixed Reality Platform for Design and Performance

This project is a primitive research of integration in design area, to design and develop a general platform, in which, based on augmented reality, we integrate concepts and technologies of tangible media, proximity triggered application, and projection reality, to realize scenarios of computer supported collaborated work/design/play/performance.
The design and research of this platform, of which the meaning is to build a research base of potential applications, can apply to interior design, urban planning, electronic art, design of wireless applications, mobile game, digital contents, and game industry. Moreover, we study and evaluate the different designs and concerns of augmented reality in different areas, to produce new design model, new performance form, new game applications, and new concepts of products.
Predicted by Mark Weiser, the ubiquitous computing is coming closer, and therefore, the feature of integrating environment and computing in augmented reality is getting more important. Above all, proximity triggered interaction and context-aware application in ubiquitous computing ¸ bring new concepts and applications, so that the wireless communication industry invests much more research resource. Augmented reality is the right one to be able to integrate the above researches conceptually and practically without difficulties, and can produce more daily applications. This project is to support a integrated platform for the above research areas.

Keywords: augmented reality, tangible media, mixed reality, urban planning,
architecture design, computer supported cooperative work, proximity triggered
interaction, handheld.



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