Screen-Based Musical Interfaces as Semiotic Machines

Thor Magnusson, In Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME-06). Montréal, Québec: McGill University: 162-167.


作者透過 ixi 軟體來介紹電腦音樂中的虛擬介面,並且將整個聲音與圖像的互動運作,視為一種新型態的"語意機器"

…the expressive possibilities of an acoustic instrument are highly dependent upon the physical material it is built out of (wood, iron, strings, etc.), the situation is very different when we create digital instruments, especially screen-based….We have also illustrated how an interface can have its own meaning system independent of its relationship to the sound-engine, where the interactive patterns of an instrument can be mapped in many different ways onto the parameters of the sound-engine.

使用 ixi 的實驗型軟體,使用者能夠很輕鬆地建構有意義的聲音/影像作品,然而,如果我們能夠認知到聲音與影像互相搭配所產生的符號與語意,似乎才是真正的關鍵。換 句話說,這些看起來好用好玩的軟體,在我們試玩十分鐘之後,如何才能從其中創造出好的作品,才是真正的挑戰。



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