梁容輝 Rung-Huei Liang

國立臺灣科技大學 工商業設計系 助理教授

[互動設計 | 虛擬實境 | 電腦繪圖]

email: liang@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Industrial and Commercial Design

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

[interaction design | virtual reality | computer graphics]


梁容輝目前任教於台灣科技大學工商業設計系, 主持空間媒體研究小組, 關注互動設計, 虛擬實境, 美學運算及科技藝術等領域. 畢業於台灣大學資訊工程研究所多媒體實驗室, 梁博士熱衷於跨領域整合, 致力於帶領學生透過科技素材, 創作出新的形式. 此外, 業餘的興趣包括爵士樂演奏, 中國武術, 中醫針灸, 繪畫與攝影.

Rung-Huei Liang currently teaches in the Dept. of Industrial and Commercial Design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He holds the Spatial Media Research Group, which focuses on interaction design, virtual reality, aesthetic computing, and electronic art. Graduated from Multimedia Lab. in the Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University, Ph. D. Liang is interested in multi-disciplinary integration. He devotes himself to leading students to create new form by taking technology as material. In addition, his personal interest includes Jazz improvisation, Chinese martial art, acupuncture, drawing and photography.

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  1. 老师你好!很高兴能看到你的网站,以后会常来学习的。

  2. 引用通告: neo-analogue – nmlab



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